After the fire destroyed the farm in the circus tragedy (see The Story of Hallowscream), the talented engineer and inventor, Joseph Clement, was never heard of or seen again.

His body was not recovered from the farm, nor his latest invention, the machine he called his “time altering generator”. This was a very complicated and ingenious machine that could literally move forward and backwards through time, using quantum theories that are still not understood to this day.

Joseph has travelled through time to the present day, and has plans to take you back to the year of the tragedy, so you can try and find Charlie in the Victorian streets of York, and avert the series of catastrophic events that led to the fire.  

Will you succeed on your mission?


Take a 360 tour inside 1873.

The virtual tour will load automatically below, drag the image to look around. There are a number of panorams to explore. Thanks to Ebor360 Photography.


 1873 Time Machine

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